SOCIAL  CLUB                                                                            MAY, 2017



The meeting was called to order by president, Kathy Dean at 1:35 PM.


There were 17 residents in attendance.   A warm welcome back to Lani Mannie who we haven’t seen in a while.   Good to see Nan Horwath as well.


The minutes of the April meeting were approved as read.  Motions made by Marilyn Mills and Betty Young.


TREASURER:   Georgia Doty provided the Treasurer report for April stating a beginning balance of $3,638.49 reflecting a deposit of $131.02 (recycling) providing an available balance of $3,769.51. 


SUNSHINE:  Aleda Heath reported 7 cards were mailed in April.  With respect and remembrance to the family of James Westbrook.


RECYCLE:   Karen Squaglia submitted two checks totaling $127.32 for the May deposit.   We appreciate all who contribute to this program. 


LIBRARY:  Pat Patterson is helping in the library while Patricia is attending to the loss of a family member.  Pat stated she is amazed at how frequently the library is used, there are always books to reshelf.


PEACOCK PRESS:   Magi Fedorka shared that two Social Club related handouts are provided at each Orientation meeting, one explaining the reclamation program and the other regarding acquiring name badges.  The publication is now featuring a short “bio piece” by Nan Koontz.  This month features Joyce Ellison.  Those interested in sharing some fascinating aspects of their life should contact Nan.  Magi encouraged resident submission of articles, thank you acknowledgments, etc.  Kathy shared that the advertising in the publication is at a level which supports the printing and distribution at no cost to the HOA.


BOOK CLUB:  The book for May is Betty Young’s selection, In the Land of the Grasshopper Song by Mary Ellicott Arnold and Mabel Reed.  The discussion will take place on May 23rd at 10 AM in the library.  All are welcome.


WELCOME GROUP:   Kathy reported there was only one possible contact in April.  The group has concluded that often home renovation precedes moving in. This is a work in progress.


VALLE VISTA WALKERS:  Betty Young shared the April trip to the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah turned into a group lunch when, contrary to the website info, the museum was closed on Tuesday.  This month we will walk the Santa Rosa Creek Trail.   Those interested should meet at the clubhouse on May 9th at 10 AM.  No need to bring a lunch, however, wear comfortable shoes and bring water and a hat.    On May 13th the Eco Friendly Garden Society’s self-guided tour of 19 gardens will take place.  Betty would like help in planning the cultural events.





SEBASTOPOL SENIOR SINGERS SPRING CONCERT:  Kathy shared that the event was well attended, about 45 participants.  Thanks to the Bible Study Group for the great refreshments.


VALLE VISTA OPEN CLUBHOUSE DAY:   Kathy Dean, Georgia Doty and Veronica Rose will represent the Social Club on May 20th and Roz Ringle and Lani Mannie on May 23rd.  Magi suggested that the Reclamation Program,  Name Badges, Neighborhood Sale, July 4th Celebration  and the September Talent show should be promoted at this event.  Copies of the handouts for these programs can be made in the office prior to the event.



NEIGHBORHOOD SALE:  Kathy stated the event is scheduled for June 3.  Participants are continuing to grow in number.  There will be additional advertising of the event and we will not be using balloons to designate the participants.  This year the theme will be “Follow the Flags”.  We will affix two American flags to each brick.  The flags are only $.45 each and can be used more than once.  Thank you to Jean Morrison for getting this event started.


JULY 4TH EVENT:  Pat Patterson shared that the committees are formed and at this point there is not much to do.  We will be meeting with the committee chairs in June to insure all is on schedule.

It was suggested we not meet in July do to the July 4th event and the Social Club meeting being the following day.  Nan Horwath moved, Veronica Rose second to not have a meeting in July.  Motion carried.


TALENT SHOW/POT LUCK:   Georgia Doty led the discussion regarding this event.  The date of the event is Sept.   Georgia’s daughter will make a “recruiting flyer” for the June edition of the Peacock Press followed by a full page flyer for the July edition.  Georgia would like to assemble those with ideas to formulate a plan.  Anyone willing to participate please call Georgia.


TAI CHI AND YOGA CLASSES:   Kathy stated this will be readdressed in December and offered in January, 2018






On guess by Betty Young, the date is when Valle Vista was incorporated.  WRONG

It is the date of the first social function at Valle Vista,  23 in attendance for a Valentine Day dinner.



REFRESHMENTS:   Thank you to Jean Morrison for today’s refreshments and Aleda Heath for helping.  June refreshments will be provided by Betty Young.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM



Respectfully submitted,


Karen Squaglia,  Secretary