2021 Director Election Timeline

  1. Election Ballot count will be Saturday December 11, 10 AM if you want to observe Ballot Count'
  2. The Annual Meeting will be at 1 PM.  Results of the Election will be announced and other business conducted, as required.
  3. You will receive an Annual Notice of Address by Oct 10.  If any changes in the past year, please return by October 22.
  4. Candidates for the election are as follows:
    1. Gwen Farrell
    2. Sherry Hudson
    3. Richard Koch
    4. Judy Leandro
    5. Leonard Riehl
    6. Gerry Runz

Secret Ballots will be mailed by October 30.  They must be returned to the Election PO Box in the provided envelope by December 5.

Clubhouse rules are posted under the Rules tab.

The Clubhouse is open and social distancing rules are in force.

The library also remains open.  We have a new librarian, please follow instructions posted on the table in the library.

The spa is closed.  The pool will close on October 31, 2021.

The pool tables are open.  Please use sanitary precautions in handling the equipment.

The office is open on Wednesday from 10 AM to 1 PM.  If you need to contact one of the Directors or Officers, please call or email them at the phone number/email address listed on the first page of the Peacock Press.

Thank you and please stay safe and virus-free.