Clubhouse rules are posted under the Rules tab.

The Clubhouse is open, but no activities are scheduled for the foreseeable future.  Group size is limited to 12 persons.

The library also remains open.  We have a new librarian, please follow instructions posted on the table in the library.

The pool and spa are closed for the season.  They will reopen of May 1, 2021.

The pool tables are closed.  We are unable to maintain sanitary precautions.

Please maintain social (physical) distance (at least 6 feet) when using the facilities and please wash your hands as soon as you leave.

The office is closed for all but necessary activities.  If you need to contact one of the Directors or Officers, please call or email them at the phone number/email address listed on the first page of the Peacock Press.

Thank you and please stay safe and virus-free.